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Juan Pazos Battistini


Admitted to the Lima Law School in 1989.

Dr. Pazos obtained an outstanding t bachelor degree of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. In 1991 he obtained a Master’s Degree in Comparative Jurisprudence at the New York University School of Law (NYU), directed at lawyers trained in the Roman Germanic system, allowing him to immerse, through a synthesis, in the professional career of Law.

He began his professional career in our Law Firm, working full time in the area of Tax Law, and since then, he has been incorporated to the Peruvian Institute of Tax Law. His entire professional career has been developed our Firm, becoming one of our main partners.

After his Master’s degree and with the important international experience acquired, he was in charge of the Tax area of the Firm. He develop in diverse Law areas, such as agrarian law, judicial proceedings to the State, company law and corporate law, Company acquisitions and mergers, Negotiation of national and international contracts, negotiation and settlement of pre-court or arbitral disputes, refinancing debts and structuring guarantees, large-scale real estate operations, management and administration of arbitrations and civil proceedings. It has been an active part in the most important national and international cases that have been in charge of our Firm in recent decades. His wide knowledge in various areas of law has allowed him to be a permanent consultant of important companies in the country of economic activity.

After more than twenty-five years of professional practice, he is now in charge of the management, administration and coordination of diverse areas of the Firm and is in charge of the interaction with the main clients.

Dr. Pazos has been director of national companies and is currently the agent in Peru of many important transnational companies from North American and Europe. Has integrated arbitral tribunals in cases administered by the Arbitration Center of the Chamber of Commerce of Lima in contractual and corporate matters.

Languages: Spanish and English.