Corporate law

We provide advice on all types of corporate matters, including the establishment, constitution and reorganization of all types of companies with national or foreign investment, the establishment of branches, agencies and offices, which includes advice on choosing the most appropriate for the client’s needs, the elaboration of the social agreement, the negotiation and subscription of shareholders agreements, stock options, preferential rights agreements, puts and calls, capital premiums, Directory regulations and planning for the structuring of a good corporate governance.

Our legal practice is carried out inside and outside the country and includes all related registration of regulatory and administrative procedures, which entails a regulatory and organizational analysis for the consolidation of efficient companies or societies.

We design and propose structures for managing good Corporate Governance, distribution of responsibilities among the different bodies of society, and the implementation of structures in family companies, signing and implementing family protocols and special agreements.

We have highly qualified professionals with solid experience in the analysis and design of complex corporate structures, proposing and advising our clients according to their needs.