Intellectual Property and Competition

The Firm offers specialized advice in the areas of Intellectual Property Law and Competition, with solid knowledge of national and international law and jurisprudence on these matters. The services include permanent to all national and international companies engaged in diverse economic activities in connection with the registration, transfer, assignment or licensing of rights in distinctive signs, patents of invention, utility models or industrial designs, as well as copyright and related rights. Also included are the development of marking, commercial and advertising policies, the conclusion and negotiation of specific contracts for the importation, commercialization, distribution and publicity of products and services, as well as verification of compliance with industrial property rules, Intellectual property, unfair competition, consumer protection, commercial advertising and free competition.

It also has extensive experience in supporting administrative and judicial proceedings related to the matters described above (Administrative Litigation), including the filing of complaints for infringement of intellectual property rights and the rules of unfair competition and free competition.

Finally, our services include the advisory and processing of many procedures for Subsidies Commission, the Market Access Commission, the Technical and Commercial Regulations Committee, the Bankruptcy Procedures Commission and the respective Chambers of the Indecopi Court.