Mining Law

The implementation of investment projects in extractive activities and exploitation of natural resources, such as mining, plays an extremely important role with a positive impact on our economy.

Considering the new components that today mark the success of an investment project in this area, such as protection of the environment, sustainable management of resources and obtaining social license, as a starting point for the viability of a project. Our firm has developed a team of lawyers with extensive experience in mining and environmental activities.

In this way, we offer integral advice in the management and obtainment of mining concessions, general labor and mining transport, permits and licenses for mining for INGENMET, MINEM, MINAM, OSINERGMIN, ANA, REGIONAL GOVERNMENTS, SUNARP, COFOPRI, SUCAMEC, and other entities that regulate these activities, Ministry of Culture, etc. We also advise on the elaboration of supporting documents and procedures for the signing of legal and environmental stability contracts and, in general, all contracts and agreements necessary for the mining activity.