Procedural law

The area of procedural law is made up of professionals with experience in the prevention and resolution of legal conflicts from a civil or constitutional nature. They have wide experience in the drafting of all types of legal business, and have a great command of all the legal institutions regulated in the common law. In addition, they are specialized in the procedural area, and have solid knowledge in other areas of law, which ensures that our clients have the best professional support to face any dispute that require a judicial solution.

When the case requires the professionals of this group, they act together with others who by their specialty, are in charge of the area of law in which the conflict of interest originates. Therefore, the course of action and strategy in the processes is often decided through the exchange of ideas, analysis of the different scenarios and the internal debate of the most favorable alternatives to the client.

In recent years, this Group has successfully handle cases of corporate disputes between groups of shareholders of important companies, suits in due process, freedom of contract in the tax and customs area, collection of debts, compensation actions and those related to the execution of contracts, as well as contentious-administrative actions, and obtaining precautionary measures.