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San Isidro, Lima- Perú


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Andrea Navea Sánchez Cerro


Admitted to the Lima Law School in 2014.

Dr. Navea graduated from the Faculty of Law of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru in the year 2014. She realized a Specialization Program in Consumer Protection at the Postgraduate School of the Pacific University. She is completing a Master’s Degree in Business Law at the Autonomous University of Barcelona in Spain.

Dr. Navea joined the Law Firm Navarro Ferrero & Pazos, now Firm Navarro & Pazos on July of 2009, where she performed her first pre-professional practices in the area of regulations, later in December she was assigned to the Area of Corporate Law being outstanding from the radial company RPP group.

In 2011 until July 2016 she worked in the area of Intellectual Property, Unfair Competition, Free Competition, Consumer Protection, and Bankruptcy Procedures in which she provided legal advice to many clients.

In the same way, she was part of the Civil Law area of the firm, in which she was responsible of the elaboration of reports, memorial aid, review of diverse cases, and the elaboration of civil contracts.

Her areas of expertise are Commercial Law and Civil Law.

Languages: Spanish and English.